St. Audries Park

The Ceremony – The ceremony is held either in the Victorian orangery or in St. Etheldreda’s Church at the top of the drive.

St. Etheldreda’s Church

  • Approaching the entrance, there are black railings around the door. These set the scene when dressed with flowers and as you can see look fabulous in your photos as you enter and exit the Church.
  • Pew Ends always look lovely for a wedding, you can do all of them but most decorate every other pew end,  or for a budget friendly option just the front pair! Designs can vary from a luxury posy to match your wedding flowers, a bunch of a few select blooms and foliage, or even simple organza bows.
  • Pedestals are also a good idea for the Church and can then be moved down to the house after the Ceremony. They look great either both sides of the aisle at the front or one at the front and one as you go into the church.

The Orangery

The stunning Victorian Orangery set in the grounds of the main house is a truly beautiful setting for your Ceremony. A wonderfully light blank canvas;

  • The ceremony table can be dressed with an arrangement that can then be used for your top table, this is made to complement the rest of your wedding and the tables in the dining room. An alternative is to decorate in front of the ceremony table with a narrow but tall arrangement in a natural style that seems to grow up from the ground, this looks amazing and can be transferred across to the dining room and displayed on the mantelpiece.
  • Decorating the pillars adds instant glamour and a personal touch to the orangery. There are 8 in total, some decorate them all, some alternate in a zig zag formation. There is also the option of just creating a focal or the top two framing the ceremony table. These can be simple foliage vines or flower and foliage garlands.
  • Quite a new way of styling the orangery with flowers is to decorate the aisle end chairs with small posies/clusters of flowers in the wedding theme.
  • Another way to decorate the aisle is at the base of the pillars with fern plants or smaller ‘growing’ style arrangements to echo option two of the ceremony designs. Or with collections of candles and glassware/lanterns
  • Scattered petals along the aisle runner add a touch of romance and wedding whimsy.
  • Pedestal arrangements give drama and impact to the front (by the ceremony table) and back (where the bride enters) and add lots of colour and romance, these you will be able to relocate in the main house afterwards.  Near entrance doors to the dinning room or

The Reception

The beautiful banqueting hall is another stunning feature of this amazing wedding venue! The room suits both taller or lower table arrangements or even a mix of both!

  • The tables really sing your wedding style and its where your guests will spend a lot of their time so really embrace your theme, whether it’s a rustic, vintage or classically styled or something fun and funky. The choice for your table decorations are endless and we can provide plenty of inspiration if you need it.
  • The majority of our Brides and Grooms chose the semicircular, front facing top table that is situated in the bay window. This is a great place to reuse the arrangement from the ceremony table in the Orangery. Alternatively, a flower/foliage garland &/or collection of flower filled vessels/votives and accessories along the straight edge creates a lovely design. We have vast experience of creating a design that will echo your guest table centrepieces, giving you a bespoke and cohesive design for your Top Table.
  • If you have chosen to have a circular Top Table to be in the middle of your guests, you could use an identical version of the table flowers or better still, upgrade to a more luxurious version of the same design.
  • Decorating the mantelpiece really finishes off the room, this could be done with a narrow and tall or tumbling arrangement for a luxurious styling. Another way is a selection of glassware, flowers and candles scattered along the length adding colour and candlelight or a really budget friendly way is adding clear glass vases for the *bridal/bridesmaids bouquets to be displayed and some votives or foliage vines/flower heads. *not all styles may be suitable, it needs at least 3 ‘posy’ designs to look good.
  • A really lovely finishing touch is adding some trailing vines to the chandeliers in the dining room add a little touch of rustic glamour.


  • Moving your Ceremony pedestal arrangements into the Great Hall at the Dining Room entrance or at the base of the Staircase shows them off nicely.
  • The staircase in the Great Hall is perfect for a photo opportunity. The stair knolls at the base look wonderful decorated with gorgeous floral swags, to add extra glamour foliage vines woven up over the bannister. An alternative that looks really effective is a tall arrangement or collection of arrangements at the base of the end/lower steps adding glass hurricane candles adds even more drama!
  • Another area in the Great Hall which can be decorated are the coffee tables. These are nice to decorated with simple vases of flowers for when your guests gather here after the Ceremony and before your Wedding Breakfast.


  • The last main focus for flowers is of course the cake, this can be scattered flower heads and sprigs of foliages, cluster/corsage style designs for each tier or a more formal arrangement.